Build My Equipment

As a service to our customers All Things Restaurant Inc. has teamed up with some leading manufacturer's to allow you to build your own equipment. Using our site you may now build your equipment pieces and request a quote based on the items you built. This allows a clear understanding of what you! the customer wants. Instead of offering options upon options you get to see your piece built right in front of your own eyes. Once completed, you click request a quote or print off and email the attached specification that you built. An All Things Restaurant team member will email you a competitive quote back to you. We also offer various lease options if you prefer to save your captial budget for a lower monthly payment. We will be adding more "Build My Equipment" functionalities such as sinks, shelving, ovens and much more. If there is something specific that you want feel free to contact our sales team to direct you in the right direction. You may email your requests to or VIA Phone at 419-616-5209.

Build My Range Build My Table Build My Sink