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Welcome to All Things Restaurant, Inc.

At All Things Restaurant Inc. we look forward to providing quality reputable service from start to finish. We offer everything for your complete one stop shop with one phone call. All Things Restaurant Inc. was founded after years of working for the "Other Guys." Through this process we have seen what customers wanted and the "Other Guys" lacked. With the "Other Guys," you got delayed service, constant voice mail and generally unknowledgeable, commission driven salespeople. This was when and why All Things Restaurant Inc. was born. We hope to do away with the lack of knowledge right from the word go. We are actual degreed engineers in the construction field who started in design first.


The Request a quote button will allow you to build your own project to obtain the best possible pricing!!! Use this function to build your project and allow us to take another look. We are currently in the process of upgrading our pricing information to assure each of our clients the very best value possible. During this transition please be assured that once an request has been placed one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Representatives will promptly be in contact regarding your order information.

Have a question? Use our Contact or Chat and let us know what you are looking for if it's not on our site. Or if you have questions let us know!

More About ATR

We understand the equipment and your questions. We provide items that work and do what you the customer wants done the first time. Too many times the customer hears, "I’ll have to ask and get back with you." We know how frustrating that can be. You want answers now, not tomorrow. This is why All Things Restaurant Inc. is the answer you are looking for. You will get the right answer the first time and you won’t have to wait for the information you need and want today. We look forward to hearing from you to get your dream project started with us today! If you’re browsing the web for the lowest prices, we probably are not your answer. We offer a complete package and a one stop shop for all of your needs from start to finish. Our prices are competitive and our service unbeatable to chains and independents alike. Our focus is relationships and service and not to be the cheapest in the industry. Remember, you get what you pay for. That's why you are here.