All Things Restaurant is based in Huron, Ohio. We offer commercial food service equipment, supplies, replacement parts, design & consulting for all of your restaurant needs. All Things Restaurant Inc. was founded by Brad M. Crow in 2007 after working for several dealers in the industry for many years. Although Mr. Crow learned many valuable lessons along the way, he saw a void in a somewhat stagnant industry. Getting back to the basics approach of customer service, Mr. Crow decided to form All Things Restaurant Inc. to offer a true design, consulting one stop shop. The major focus being giving the customer what they need and not just trying to "sell" or be the cheapest and sacrificing quality with imported catalog products. All Things Restaurant's vast abilities far exceed simply providing commercial food service equipment. We offer hospitality furnishings, office furniture, high end residential equipment & custom fabrication.

All Things Restaurant offers replacement parts for your already existing equipment and used equipment. The offering of parts and a true customer service base you don't have a settle for the steep cost of parts from a service agent. As many customers already know, controlling a project is much easier when you have your own people doing it. All Things Restaurant Inc. has its own installers and own trucks who are not subcontractors. This enables us to control to project with our own staff and not rely on subcontractor's schedules. The main focus of All Things Restaurant is to provide the food service operator a one stop shop with low prices, friendly faces and a complete array of services. Since All Things Restaurant Inc. inception it has seen growth every year and with more and more customers coming back. The knowledge of the team and team work that goes into each project or item we handle far exceeds the competition. We aren't the ones saying this any longer. Customers accross the country are realizing this and telling us. Even our small used online store has 100% satisfaction rating. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project and how we can save you time and money. Check out some of our project photo's in our online photo gallery.